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Parmco have the most comprehensive range of domestic kitchen ventilation products in New Zealand. These include rangehoods, canopies and power packs of course but only Parmco have the downdraft system.

When conventional air extraction methods simply won’t do, there are various downdraft options to choose from that will suit a wide range of kitchen designs.

Parmco downdraft systems can be fitted into the wall or the benchtop.

The in-wall downdraft can have motors mounted remotely from the airbox. The In-Wall Airbox is fitted into the wall cavity behind the cooktop. The grill and grill surround are attached to the front of the unit, giving it a flush fit on the wall. It is able to be mounted with the air outlet pointing sideways or straight down

The in-bench downdraft can be either a standard fixed one or the rear riser system.

The standard in-bench airbox drops down through a hole in the bench and has the grill and grill surround fitted on top. It is symmetrical, so there is no need to specify left or right hand motor mounting. The motor is mounted remotely in aposition to suit.

The riser downdraft is unobtrusive when not in use, then glides silently into position to quickly remove cooking odours and steam. When cooking is finished it glides silently back into place. Like the other options, the motor can be mounted remotely. Risers can be rear mounted or side mounted.

Whichever Parmco downdraft system you choose, you can be sure of a discrete, quiet and efficient air extraction system. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that we can provide the parts and support you require.


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Parmco In-wall downdraft


Parmco in-bench downdraft


Parmco side-riser downdraft

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