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PARMCO AR600 and AR900 Stoves

Parmco make a range of stoves to suit most needs. Gas/electric stoves featuring electric ovens and gas hobs, all gas stoves that can be used with both natural gas and LPG bottles - all having hobs with  heavy cast iron trivets. And all-electric stoves with ceramic hob tops.


The AR600 features a powerful gas hob an 8-function electric oven and a useful utility drawer in an attractive and modern stainless steel package.  Probably the most popular 600mm gas/electric in New Zealand stove for good reason. This Parmco stove represents astonishing value with strong its feature set and exclusive 5-year warramty. The gas/electric combination is versatile and is a joy to cook with.


As the AR600 but having height adjustable legs instead of the utility drawer.


With the same styling as the gas electric versions, this best selling all-electric stove has solid, modern lines and a top quality finish. Featuring a 4 x zone ceramic hob, it has the cooking and safety features you demand plus it carries the rock solid Parmco 5-year warranty.


This is the 900mm wide version of the gas/electric stove with utility drawer.  The larger hob provides much more cooking space and features a fish burner, which is ideal for using a grill plate.  A cast iron grill plate is available as an optional extra.


Substitutes height adjustable legs for the the utility drawer.  Otherwise identical to the AR900


The 900mm wide version of the ceramic stove, the larger ceramic hob provides much more cooking space and an extra heating zone  With 107 litres of oven space it’s a great range for those with big families to feed and for entertainers.


An all gas stove that provides the benefits of a gas oven for traditional moist baking.  Ideal for bread and cakes, it also produces moist roasts.  The same large hob and utility drawer as the others.


Dare to be different with the The 900mm range in black.  Its striking appearance will add a touch of  drama and contrast to your kitchen.

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parmco AR900 and AR600

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