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Choosing Your Kitchen Appliances

You'll find all the kitchen appliances you need to create a fully functional kitchen online.  The choice can be bewildering so our guide is intended to help you narrow down your options with handy tips and tricks.  So if you’re looking for kitchen appliances in NZ, read on.


If money is no object then you really are spoilt for choice.  Many of the world's leading kitchen appliances brands are available in New Zealand with up-to-the-minute European and Scandinavian styling for your swish, contemporary kitchen.  You'll find your money very easy to spend and there’s no need to read any further

For those of us on a budget, which is most of us, the choices are harder to make.  Brand junkies have an easier time of course because their choice is limited to the name on the front of the appliance.  But what if you’re not a slave to any particular brand?


Remember that branding is where the profit lies for large companies.  Brand holders spend vast amounts of money promoting their brands so as to make them memorable and create a following.  Individual brands might be promoted for quality, style, technology, reliability, national pride or just value.  However, promoting a brand has to be paid for and the bottom line is that the customer pays.  This applies to kitchen appliances as much as any other product.


Remember that the brand name does not necessarily denote the manufacturer.  For some years now brand holders have increasingly sub-contracted the manufacture of their products to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).  These OEM’s are mostly in countries where labour is cheap, such as China or Turkey.  In this way they can reduce the cost of manufacture and increase their profits whilst maintaining their brand image.  More recently brand holders are being forced to use OEM’s because their competitors do it and they have to compete on price.  For instance, the biggest oven factory in the world is in China and it produces appliances for about 45 different brand holders.


Price is where it gets really tricky.  OEM manufacturing can mean that the same kitchen appliance with perhaps some styling changes can carry many different brands in the same market.  The author knows of one oven in particular, with no difference in components and very little difference in styling that’s available in New Zealand under at least five different kitchen appliances brands at prices from $699 to $1,399.  Remember the bigger the brand and the smarter the showroom, the higher the price.


Don't accept a manufacturer's warranty of less than two years as this will be the time frame during which most manufacturing defects come to light.  Check also that it’s not a Return To Base warranty, which are common at the bottom end of the price scale.  One of these will cost you dear in time effort and money.  Remember that a warranty does not take the place of your rights in law, having to fight for your right to have a faulty appliance repaired or replaced is costly in time and effort and meanwhile your oven could be out of action.

Savings Tips

Look carefully at kitchen appliances you are considering for the tell-tale signs of the manufacturer.  You’ll find the clues when you open the door.  For instance, check the construction of the door frames of ovens, check the pressing of the inside panel of dishwasher drawers and the detergent dispenser.  After a while you’ll start to recognise similarities between brands.

Check the warranty carefully.  Beware of Return To Base warranties.

Buying Advice And Ideas

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Appliance News

Good Guys To Go Public?

After failing in New Zealand and with very shaky profits,  The Good Guys are planning an $8-900 million Australian IPO.  This brings back memories of the Dick Smith public flotation IPO some four years ago, which turned out to be massively overvalued and, as we all saw recently, suffered a catastrophic failure under new management.

Dick Smith Has New Owner

Who would have thought that Ruslann Kogan of online discount brand fame would end up owning such an iconic brand as Dick Smith.  But there it is.  Watch out for a new look and new product lineup online.

Appliance Plus Takes Shape

A new retail brand has arisen from the ashes of the Betta Electrical burn-out.  This new group of stores took about half of Betta’s sales with them.



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